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Came Stylo ME
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CAME STYLO-ME. All the latest technologies and reliability in a compact gate opener motor.

Very small gate opener motor, can be installed in just 8cm. Perfect when the limited space doesn't allow the installation of  traditional electric gates.

AME STYLO-ME is a compact gate opener that can be installed in just 8cm. Perfect when the traditional gate openers can't be installed.

Gate motor with encoder and tested according the european safety regulations. A very small gate motor with great performances and total safety.

The gate opener CAME STYLO-ME is an irreversible gate motor for swing gates up to 1,8mt per wing. The compact size is perfect when the space available is limited. For instance CAME STYLO can be installed on 8cm width  gate pillars. With the straight transmission arm you can install the gate opener even if the pillar is right next to a fence or a wall.

Possibility of emergency operation with customised key in case of power failure. Reliable and robust although small.