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Came Gard-4000
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Gard-4000 Gard-4000


  • Code: 001G4000
  • Duty Cycle: Intensive
  • Max Boom Length: 4 Metres
  • Motor Power Supply: 24V DC
  • Operating Temperature: -20° C to +55° C
  • Power Supply: 230V AC
  • Power: 300 W
  • Protection Class: IP-54


Ideal for control of roadway passages, the G4000 barrier arm automation systems offer the added feature of operation with 24V DC for maximum efficiency as well as greater safety for both operator and user.

Features Include:

  • Electromechanical gear motor: does not require periodic maintenance
  • Self-locking gear motor positively locks the barrier in the closed position
  • Built in control panel: supplies 24V DC to the motor
  • Built in release system: with key. The lock can easily be changed and unified with other CAME units
  • Configured for easy installation of control and safety accessories
  • Configured for installation and connection of an emergency battery: supplies power to the system in case of power failure

The electronic control system provides:

  • Adjustment of the barrier arm speed to suit the level of traffic at the installation site
  • Adjustment of the final approach speed for gentle impact - even when the barrier arm is moving quickly
  • Obstacle detection with stop during closing, thanks to the amperometric obstacle detection system.