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Came Gard-8
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Gard-8 Gard-8

Automatic road barrier for openings up to 7.6 m. Soft profiles and rounded edges for an ideal solution for large access points.

LED flashing light

No maintenance required. Guarantees total visibility of the light signal.

Safe intervention:

An electronic contact automatically interrupts the supply voltage each time the inspection hatch is opened.

Differentiated sensitivity springs:

Enable perfect wand balancing..

Protective wand casing:

Protection from any knocks and risks due to wand rotation.


Also available with AISI 304 stainless steel cabinet.

Seamless integration:

The safety photocells and control selectors are affixed directly to the barrier body without affecting the aesthetics of the product.

Wand with break-through connector:

Horizontal opening allowed in the event of an accidental impact.

Energy saving:

  • sleep mode, the device that reduces energy consumption when the operator is not in service
  • compatible with the Zero-E solar power panel.

The advantages of 24 V electronics:

  • no more power failures. The electronics automatically detects any power failure and activates emergency operation by using backup batteries,
  • speed under control. According to requirements, the electronics is able to adjust the speed of manoeuvre,
  • intensive use. The low voltage gearmotor ensures ideal operation of the barrier in conditions of intensive use,
  • obstacle detection. A special electronic circuit constantly analyses regular operation, either stopping or reversing the movement when coming into contact with any obstacle.