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Came Krono-510
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Krono-510 Krono-510 Krono-510 Krono-510 Krono-510

CAME KRONO KR510D and KR510S Gate opener for swing gates up to 5mt per wing.

CAME KRONO is the oldest gate opener in the CAME Family. Old fashion design for a gate opener offering  unparalleled reliability, sturdiness and reliability.

The gate opener CAME KRONO 510 can open gates up to 5mt per wing. The 220V electromechanical motor doesn't require maintenance to save you time and money. The built-in limit switch make it very easy to install and set the gate opener.

The gate opener is available in 2 versions: CAME KR510D (right motor) and KR510S (left motor). In case of substitution of an old motor it's important to determine which one you need.  The file attached on this page will guide you step by to determine which one is the left or right motor.

CAME KRONO KR 510 512 electric gate opener features:

  • For gates gates up to 5 meters
  • 2 versions available KR510D (right motor)and KR5 10S (left motor)
  • Aluminum
  • Limit switches for opening and closing
  • Power supply 230 V AC (230V - 220V).