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Came AXO-7
Products Came Automation for swing gates

KIT Automatic gate CAME AXO model 230V Elegant and maintenance free.

KIT for electric swing gate opener with each wing up to to 3 meters in length. The gate motor CAME AXO series has an elegant italian design and the mechanical system make it maintenance free. The best way to enjoy a durable and rfeliable gate opener.

In the kit for CAME AXO is provided all that is needed for a standard installation.

Inside the kit box CAME AXO 220/230V you will find:

  • nr. 2 Gate opener CAME AXO AX302304 220V  single leaf max 3m
  • nr. 1 CAME ZM3E advanced electronic control board with display
  • nr. 1 Board of radio frequency AF43S for the operation of remote controls
  • nr. 1 two-channel radio control CAME TOP-432EV
  • nr. 1 Flashing Led light KLED ( ex KIARON )
  • nr. 1 Antenna CAME TOP-A433N
  • nr. 1 Pair of photocells CAME DIR10 Outdoor DIR-10