About us
Our company offers service of high quality and fast installation of gates. At Your wish, we work with a variety of types: sectional, sliding or hinged. Here you can order the installation of automatic gates both for private areas and public and industrial sites, being sure of guaranteed quality result.

The most popular variant is the installation of automatic sliding gates. First of all they are known for the compactness, as they are opened not out but along the fence without occupying space while opening. The installation of such gates is carried out in a quite simple way, but they work for a long time and they are secure. The hinged gates in their turn attract with their invulnerability. Their mechanism is rarely broken, that is why the cost of the installation of the gates will be paid off soon. Among the connoisseurs of fine design are popular roll-up doors, which in the process of opening are being rolled. Installation of automatic machinery for such gates requires special attention to the details. One can’t say the same on the installation of the lifting gates. They are simpler. Furthermore one more of their advantages is that they can operate on a small territory. Therefore their installation is often performed as industrial doors.

Craftsmen of our company are ready to solve for You all tasks - regardless of their complexity and labor content, as they are professional in their field. In spite of all the details and technical specifications of the installation of automatic gates, we provide high quality and fast installation.

All our technical staff has appropriate education and extensive experience in providing similar works. Regardless of the volume of the order, You can be sure that the service, with which we approach the tasks of our customers will not leave you indifferent, and the quality and the result will allow to recommend us to Your close friends. In addition for the service of installation of automatic gates, as well as for the rest of our services, we provide a guarantee.

We are confident in the quality of materials and in excellent result, which is produced by our craftsmen on the sites. So, ordering in our company the installation of any automatic gates, you can count not only on good service and high quality work, but also on long operation of the gates.